Services & Maintenance

Choose a maintenance plan to meet your individual needs. All of our maintenance plans are designed to keep elevator system running well. Our plans all include examination, lubrications, and adjustment of the following equipment:

  • Control and landing systems
  • Signal fixtures
  • Machines, drives, motors, sheaves and ropes
  • Power units, pumps, valves, and jacks
  • Car and hoistway door operating devices and door protection equipment
  • Loadweighers, car frames and platform, and counterweights
  • Safety mechanisms

Our Silver Maintenance Plan provides these services annually. Suggested for elevators with light usage.

Our Gold Maintenance Plan provides these services semi-annually. Suggested for elevators with moderate usage.

For true peace of mind, our Plattnium Maintenance Plan not only provides these services every three months, we will also repair and replace any worn or defective parts( not including pre-existing conditions) and provide on-call services at no extra charge.