LEV Specifications

• Rated load: 950 lbs. (430 kg) (750 and 700 lbs. available)
• Speed: 40 fpm (.20ms)
• Data plates and capacity tags
• Minimum pit depth: 6"
• Minimum overhead clearance: 8’-6" (optional hydraulic drive requires 8’-0")
• Maximum travel: 50’
• Maximum number of stops: 5 (minimum 17” travel between stops)
• Presentation drawings
Mechanical Equipment:
• 208/230V, 60 Hz, 20 amp single phase power supply
• Modular dual 6-1/4 lb. T-rail system
• Two #60 roller chains
• Sling assembly
• Counterweighted chain drive with frequency controlled variable speed geared machine; also available as hydraulic drive with submersed pump assembly and 2 speed valve

Car and Appointments:
• Car sizes: 36" x 48" (12 sq ft), 36" x 60" (15 sq ft), 40" x 54" (15 sq ft), Inside car height is 84". (Custom sizes are available between 12 sq ft and 15 sq ft.- consult factory)
• Durable melamine wall panels (champagne, light oak, dark oak or white)
• White ceiling
• Two recessed lights with white bezels
• Wooden handrail to match wall panels
• Accordion car gate (champagne, chalk, light oak, dark oak or white)
• Unfinished plywood floor (with removable insert for 3/4” thick finished floor by others)
• Digital floor position/diagnostic indicator
• Telephone

• Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with Intel© digital signal processor
• Fully automatic operation
• Car operating panel (brushed stainless steel or brass)
• Brushed stainless steel or brass hall stations with digital position indicators and call acknowledgement
• Automatic car lighting with constant on switch
• Automatic homing to a predetermined floor
• Bi-directional leveling
• Emergency stop switch
• Emergency alarm button
• Hoistway wiring with conduit (hall stations / interlocks)
• Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for lowering and automatic gate operation (if supplied) in case of a power failure

Safety Devices:
• 115 VAC lockable auxiliary disconnect for car lighting circuit
• 208/230 VAC lockable auxiliary disconnect for drive unit circuit
• Upper and lower terminal limits
• Final limits (2 upper, 1 lower)
• Slack chain/rope safety
• Pit switch
• Car top stop switch
• Battery backup emergency light and alarm
• Car gate safety switch
• Electromechanical interlocks (for doors by others)

Other Options:
• Unfinished wood veneer panels (oak, cherry or birch)
• Unfinished raised panel wood walls (oak, cherry or birch)
• 88" and 94" car heights
• Recessed telephone cabinet (brushed stainless steel or brass, or polished stainless steel or brass)
• Factory applied finish to wood wall panels and handrail
• Matching wood veneer ceiling panel with raised wood or veneer wall panels
• Telephone cabinet, hall stations and car operating panel can be provided in polished stainless steel or brass
• Metal handrail (brushed stainless steel or brass, or polished stainless steel or brass)
• Automatic car gate operator with light beam safety curtain
• Automatic hoistway door operator
• External modem for remote diagnostics
• Remote machine room elevator controller
• Installation/inspection pendant control
• Counterweight safety device
• Buffer springs (requires 12” deep pit minimum)

Car Gate Upgrades:
• Accordion car gate with 3 clear vision panels
• Accordion car gate with all clear vision panels
• Deluxe Visifold® car gate
• Accordion car gate with solid aluminum panels with clear or brass anodized finish
• Accordion car gate with perforated aluminum panels with clear or brass anodized finish