Practical and economical solution for people who face mobility and accessibility problems within their own homes, but want to maintain a healthy, happy and active lifestyle without having to move.

Why should you or your loved ones buy a stair lift from ThyssenKrupp Access?

Did you know?
-Stair lifts can dramatically reduce the wear and tear on ankles, knees and hip joints
-Stair lifts allow everyone the freedom of movement they crave
-Saving your health with one of our stairlifts will let you enjoy precious moments like grandkids' birthdays, graduations, and family reunions even longer than you ever thought possible
-ThyssenKrupp Access is the world's most trusted name in manufacturing high-quality, budget-friendly stair lifts and we've got the perfect model to fit your situation!

Whether it's due to aging, accident or illness, trying to navigate even one or two steps when you're losing your mobility is oftentimes painful, and sometimes just plain dangerous. And trying to climb an entire set of stairs is next-to impossible.

If you are facing this problem, rest assured that you can still maintain independence and the structural integrity of your home by choosing one of the several styles of proven and powerful stairlifts from ThyssenKrupp Access. For nearly 60 years, we've been helping people all over the world with their mobility and accessibility challenges. We have models to fit any budget ... handle any stairway configuration ... and provide you with access to all the different levels of your home and let you preserve the active lifestyle that you've earned.

Choose from our wide selection of stairlifts - and even customize it to solve any unique challenge that your home presents:

Citia Stair Lift-Conveniently interchangeable seats, simple to use. Click here to see our newest stair lift

StairGlide® Stair Lift - Amazing versatility and unquestioned elegance that can be used on straight, curved and spiral stairways!

Flow Stair Lift - See what all the fuss is about! Take a look at the one stairlift that they're talking about on TV!

Whichever stair lift you choose, make sure you check our nationwide network of dealers that can help you select the perfect stair lift for your situation.