A more cost-effective alternative than elevators, and visually more appealing than ramps when you need to provide wheel chair access in your home or public building.

Why do more architects, business owners, builders and homeowners trust a ThyssenKrupp Access wheel chair lift more than any other brand? Because for nearly 60 years we've been on the leading edge of creating a lighter, more visually attractive wheel chair lift that still provides powerful performance for our customers.

Our innovations set the standard for the industry, but what drives us is making a more effective, efficient wheel chair lift with a greater selection of options allowing integration with a building's décor.

Flexibility in style and performance is our promise to you, whether you choose our popular Porch-Lift® series or the Carrier-Lift®, your home or facility will immediately become more welcoming to those having limited mobility with the addition of a wheelchair platform lift.

Porch-Lift® Series
No matter how big or small the obstacles, a single step or a couple of floors, our Porch-Lifts offer a smooth, quiet ride, a lower profile and a smaller footprint. We have five commercial models and one residential model that are guaranteed to meet your needs. You can choose from:

Porch-Lift PL-RA (residential) - The perfect wheelchair platform lift for overcoming barriers in and around your home.

Porch-Lift PL-S (standard) - Our most popular wheelchair platform lift for commercial buildings is also easily customizable for your unique accessibility challenges.

Porch-Lift PL-TG (toe guard) - Its unique construction helps protect the user and requires minimal construction for the building owner.

Porch-Lift PL-ENC (enclosed lift) - Adaptable for indoor or outdoor use provides access to building entrances, mezzanines, or balconies.

Porch-Lift PL-EZE (economy enclosed lift) - A more economical alternative to our enclosed wheel chair lift line.

Porch-Lift PL-P (portable lift) - The premiere portable wheel chair lift available anywhere gives you the power for temporary access when (and where) you need it most.

And don't forget our Carrier-Lift® inclined platform lift that provides flexibility and accessibility solutions for public buildings challenged with limited available space! This lift is what some would call a wheel chair stair lift. Each wheel chair lift comes equipped with all the safety features you'd expect and will help make your building ADA compliant.

A wheel chair lift from us can be customized to fit your unique needs and challenges. ThyssenKrupp Access truly has solutions for any wheel chair accessibility problems!

A wheel chair lift may also be referred to as a vertical platform lift, wheelchair platform lift, occasionally a wheel chair stair lift, or vertical lifts.